Fitness In The…FAST LANE

Cycling attracts a cross section of participants because it is user friendly. Most people have biked at some point in their life.


You can pace yourself on the bike, so not only is it a type of movement that most people have participated in before but it is a comfortable form of exercise appropriate for all greenwich fitness levels.


It is non-impact.


You work in both your aerobic state as well as your anaerobic state.


No special training is needed.


There is not a lot of fancy choreography. You don’t have to be super coordinated.


Biking can be done in a group.


In door cycling is climate controlled and you can avoid any extreme weather challenges.


You don’t have to deal with road hazards, traffic etc…


In door cycling gives you more control and stability.


In door bikes require less maintenance and or less prone to breaking down.


Most gyms have some type of cycles.